Monday, September 04, 2006

Spectacular inaugural post!

So I have the original blog, 'I Wanna Be a Comic Book Artist,' where I'm posting the artwork I come up with as I hone my drawing skills. It's a fun blog but I'm back to reading comics and boy, it's hard to read them and not find things you want to rant about. Dumb characters, the death of Alpha Flight, the floaty D-cups and Greg Land all make me a little crazy and I need a release. So, since between the house, the kids, the homeschooling, the upcoming bible course, the local choir and the new drawing blog I just have WAAAAY too much free time I though the obvious remedy was another blog.

For anyone unfamiliar with me, check out Yes, I KNOW it's comBicbookwoman. All I can say is don't drink and blog. It explains that I'm a nice traditional housewife who wants to be a comic book penciler. And it has nifty pics of busty women in tight spandex.

Rant coming soon.


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