Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sue should dump Reed, Part 2

So she's out on her own.

Now she gets a miniseries. I'm not sure what would happen in it but it would have to involve her beating some major bad dude, something that would establish her as a superhero in her own right. In the last issue she'd be feeling confident about her abilities to fight villains as a solo act. And then maybe she'd meet another female superhero. It might occur to them that superhero teams seem to overflow with male heros. It might occur to them that they should start their own team. And Sue would get a chance to be a leader.

On to a new series. A team book with mostly women. Nothing like Heroes for Hire though because this isn't cheescake stuff. I'm not sure who else would be on the team though. Maybe She-Hulk? Fortress Keeper, in the comments section of my last post, pointed out that her reaction is going to be interesting. Maybe part of that is feeling isolated from conventional superherodom. Maybe when Warren Ellis is done with Monica Rambeau my book could have her? (yes, fantasies of writing a marvel book here) Other members could be powerful female and minority characters that are overlooked and under used.

Anyway, Sue could lead that team for awhile. Reconciliation with Reed would have to happen sooner or later and she would head back but with different expectations of her role in the marriage and team. Someone else would take over as leader of the new team.


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