Saturday, September 16, 2006

AGAIN with the Storm and Black Panther thing!

Black Panther #19 has been generating a lot of comments around Storm's treatment by T'Challa. The main issue is, of course, how T'Challa marginalizes Storm in a battle with Dr. Doom. The little wife gets shown her place and that place is definately NOT out front defending her husband.

What's being done is essentially devaluing Marvel property. I've always thought of T'Challa as an honourable man with a keen sense of justice. It's why he's appealled to me in the past. To find out he's an old fashioned idiot who puts macho ideas before the fact that his wife is his partner and a force of friggin' nature is really disapointing. I'm simply not interested in buying his stories.

And Ororo. To me she's been the Marvel equivilent to Wonder Women. Almost a Goddess, insanely powerful and a person with great character. Now she's second to the Black Panther and I (along with a large chunk of Marvel readers it seems) have a really hard time with the idea that she's second to anybody.

Why does Marvel let it's writers degrade the value of it's characters like this? Is there anybody who's in charge of making sure characters are handled in ways that are consistent with their established character? Does no one at Marvel care that damage is being done to the marketability of these two fantastic heroes?

Both the Black Panther and Storm deserve much, much better. It's a shame Marvel has no interest in ensuring they get it.

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At 1:09 PM, Blogger Melchior del DariĆ©n said...

Yeah, Ororo Munroe doesn't require anyone's protection, and it'd be nice if her husband could be depicted as smart and strong enough to get this.

I've been consoling myself by (re-)reading the Marvel Adventures: The Avengers, which, though written and marketed for kids, serves up satisfying stories with Ororo appearing as a leading figure.


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