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White Tiger Research.

Since White Tiger is coming out soon I thought I'd post a list that co-writer Tim Liebe was wonderful enough to give me in the comments section of my previous White Tiger post. It's a list of Daredevil books they, "considered germane to writing WHITE TIGER." Tim also warned that some of it is tangential. But if you're unfamiliar with the character and want to get caught up, as I do, before her series hits the newstand this is what you need. Here's the list;

DD eps germane to WT:

DD 38 - 40 - Hector Ayala arrested for murder, trial, conviction, death

DD 44 - mention of "Officer del Toro" (male? Angela's relative?)

DD 45 - introduction of Special Agent Driver (pre-Angela as partner)

DD 47 - introduction to Sano, Driver in flashback w/Kingpin (again pre-Angela)

DD 48 - Agent Driver questions Murdock in his bedroom, sees Milla sleeping there

DD 49 - Agent Driver arrests Bullseye after DD beats the crap out of him

DD 56 - Murdock gets an (unsuccessful) intervention by Cage, Spidey, Strange and Reed Richards
Driver is shown surveilling Murdock
Murdock confronted by Sano

DD 57 - Murdock fights (as Murdock), beats Sano while Driver and FBI surveillance van watch
FBI backup shows, Murdock disappears - Driver comes out of van and sees Murdock gone
Milla tells BUGLE's Ben Urich she and Matt are married

DD 58 - Driver and "Special Agent del Toro" on Yakuza Task Force interrogate Sano - ANGELA'S FIRST APPEARANCE! (Driver calls him "Sano Orii")

DD 59 - Sano gets out of jail while Driver & Angela, in Driver's car, watch - Driver references Angela being his new partner
Driver bad-mouths Matt to Angela ("Murdock is a piece of crap - he's clearly Daredevil" yada yada yada), Angela disagrees w/him
Yakuza shoot up Driver's and Angela's car, blow up car, killing Driver - Angela gets clear and shoots back
Ben Urich and Foggy reference "Yakuza gone wild" in aftermath of Driver's death
Matt visits Cage, apologizes for his behavior during the intervention and asks for Cage's help - Cage forgives him and agrees to help
Sano at hangout spews large plans - when DD, Cage, Iron Fist and Spider-Man come callin'!

DD 60 - DD, Cage, Iron Fist and Spider-Man clean Sano's Yakuzas', and Kingpin's former minions', clocks
DD tells Sano to pop his MGH so DD can beat the crap out of him one-on-one (Sano calls himself "Sano Ren" here)
DD and Sano fight, DD turns beaten Sano over to cops
- Sano confesses killing Driver and where the MGH lab is (under duress?)
- Street cops, unlike Feds, are good w/how DD does things
- DD tells cops to apologize to Angela for not saving Driver's life
Milla confronts Matt over what Foggy told her of Karen Page's death (GOOD ONE, FOGGY!), leaves Matt

DD 61 - 64 - Black Widow shows up in Matt's apartment hiding from US Government
BW tries to get back together w/Matt, Matt tells her he's still married even though Milla filed for annulment

DD 64 - Matt signs annulment and gives to Milla in person, telling her he still loves her

DD 65 - Fury offers Matt a job w/SHIELD, Matt says "No", Fury says "Offer's still open"
DD 65 - Angela is on Task Force Murdock (as was Driver? unclear)

DD 67 - Angela investigates murder in strip club related to "former Kingpin" Bont (who kidnaps Matt to prove he's DD)
DD 68 - Angela reaches out to Matt re: WT amulets for the first time (Foggy seems to have a crush on her)
- Angela explains she's Hector's niece (Matt wouldn't KNOW this already?)

DD 69 - Flashback to DD, Spider-Man and Hector as WT meeting and fighting Doc Ock
Continuation of scene in DD 68 where Angela asks for Matt's help (confirms Hector's sister Awilda from 70s WHITE TIGER is her Mom, and references Hector's trial and death)
- Angela says she ASKED to be put on the Murdock Task Force
- Angela says she's planning to quit the FBI
- Matt has her meet him at St. Catherine's at 11 PM - shows up as DD and gives her her first lesson (jumping across street, fighting him)

DD 70 - Continuation of scene in DD 69 - DD and Angela fight, and Angela gets to whale on DD some
- DD brings her along to foil a bodega robbery - and leaves her to do it herself, which she does very well!
- "That's why - costume's a symbol. Good luck." - DD
Angela finds Matt chained up and beaten up in DD outfit, Bont (who took MGH) dead from a heart attack after not breaking Matt's will
FBI (w/out Angela - bunch of guys I don't recognize) neither accepts nor refutes Foggy's and Matt's story that Bont must've believed what he read in the GLOBE, and tortured Matt as a result

DD 76 - Kingpin tells Ben Urich he's negotiating w/FBI, claims to have "The Murdock Papers" (written evidence Matt's DD)
Milla shows up at Matt's office, wanting to reconcile
Foggy sees BUGLE headline of Fisk's tell-all

DD 77 - FBI Director tells Angela he's going to deal w/Fisk to get Matt
- Fires(!) Angela when she objects
Black Widow tries to intercede for Matt at SHIELD, is told by Acting Director Maria Hill Matt's going down
Matt and Milla are sleeping together when Electra shows up!

DD 78 - Matt and Electra fight and Electria tells Matt to turn on his TV
Milla freaks and runs outside in her underwear
- FBI "National Director" is on TV saying he expects to have evidence to bring Matt down
Kingpin makes the FBI ND squirm for a bit before agreeing to help him
Widow shows on rooftop and she and Electra have a bit of a squabble before agreeing to join forces and help Matt
ANGELA shows up to help out (boy, that is one crowded rooftop!) - says she's out of the FBI, and wants to help
Bullseye goes for Electra w/his playing card of death

DD 79 - DD throws Angela off the roof so she breaks her arm and is out of the fight (nice guy)
DD asks Widow to find Milla, get her out of the country
DD and Electra kick the crap out of Bullseye
- But Bullseye manages to kill a female bystander first
DD is shot by one of Kingpin's people so he'll have to go to Night Nurse and the FBI can arrest him there
- There are NO "Murdock Papers" - Kingpin made the whole thing up to get out!
- Kingpin has FBI ND pressure Ben Urich to reveal Night Nurse's location

DD 80 - Matt is arrested by the FBI at Night Nurse's

DD 81 - FBI ND has his people arrest Kingpin
FBI ND tells Ryker's Island Warden he intends to leave Matt and Kingpin in there to kill each other(!)

DD 81 - First Appearance of DD 2.0 (some guy running around in DD's outfit, pretending to be him)

DD 87 - Matt, having escaped Ryker's Island with Punisher's help, confronts DD 2.0 - who turns out to be Danny Rand, aka Iron Fist
- Danny was hired by persons unknown (he assumed Foggy, but was wrong) to impersonate Matt

No I've got reading to do! Thanks Tim.


At 11:54 PM, Blogger Timothy Liebe said...

You're very welcome, Dawn - though you may feel differently once you purchase all the bind-ups these issues come in! :D

Tim Liebe
Dreaded Spouse-Creature of Tamora Pierce
- and co-writer of Marvel's upcoming White Tiger comic


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