Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fat Wonder Woman

With all the recent kerfuffle over Wizard and how females are drawn in comic books I thought people might like to take a look at a couple of sites that challenge the norm.

Fat Wonder Woman. This blog has been posting different artists' ideas of what Wonder Woman would look like if she gained a few pounds. There are a few with themes of gluttony but the majority depict a strong and/or sexy overweight superhero. Here's a quote from an interview at Pop Culture Shock with the blogger, Jamar Nicholas;

"I remember when I was a teenager and I had those girly posters from the Spencers on my wall, but now, In the real world, you find that most of that is make-believe, and you learn to understand that real women have believable, real-world shapes and curves. Wonder Woman is, for all intent and purposes, is supposed to be the ideal woman."

Another one along a sorta similar vein is Ruben Esq's Sketchblog. This guy loves to draw cheesecake...Big cheesecake. They aren't superheroes and the pictures aren't appropriate for the young or prudish but it's just so damn nice to see an artist with an eye for the lines a bigger figure can produce and an obvious love of the fuller figure.

Much love to Jamar Nicholas and Ruben Esq.


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