Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Greg Horn wil do Ms. Marvel covers.

I just don't understand Marvel marketing. They have this nice little book which seems a natural to attract female fans. It's got solid writing, a powerful female lead and lots of potential for the future. The art inside isn't cheesecake and the focus isn't always on Ms. Marvel's assets. So what do they think would be a great move? Stick a cheesecake artist on cover art duty.

As long as the fanboys are happy, eh?

I shouldn't be surprised. She-Hulk has the same burden. Emma Frost, a title that seemed not only natural for women but specifically geared to us, had to put up with Horn's pin up covers. That was a horrible mismatch. While the stories inside were thoughtful and dealt with a young brunette Emma, the covers portrayed a fully blossumed, but barely clothed, White Queen in various Valentine's Day themed poses. Just bizarre.

I don't mind cheescake but it's got a certain place. The Heroes for Hire series would be a natural for cheesecake covers. It has page after page of T&A and putting a Greg Horn cover on it would be an accurate reflection of what you find inside. But Ms. Marvel?

I know what the assumption is. Guys read comics and just guys. Turning off female readers from a title isn't a concern because we just don't read superhero comics.


At 6:22 AM, Blogger Hal said...

I've enjoyed the Ms. Marvel comic book. The interior artwork is clean and enjoyable; Aaron Lopresti is the interior artist, by the way, and he does a great job.

But the Greg Horn covers make me cringe.


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